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Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues Motion Practice - If oral argument is not requested in a motion or response, I will not set the matter for oral argument. Instead, I will rule based upon the filings via Minute Entry. If I set oral argument, it is because there are some questions of law and/or facts that I would like the parties to address. If the parties enter into an agreement with each other that a Response to a filed Motion need not be submitted as the parties engage in settlement negotiations or for other reasons, kindly file a stipulation with the Court to inform the Court of same so the Court knows not to rule on that Motion.  
- Prior to any party filing a Motion to Compel Discovery, that party must meet and confer with opposing counsel. The meet and confer may be formal or informal, the purpose of which is an attempt for the parties to resolve the discovery dispute without court intervention. Any Motion to Compel Discovery should include an avowal that the meet and confer occurred.  
- Concerning Motions to Continue or to Vacate a Court/Trial Date: If you expect the Court to rule on such a motion without a hearing, you MUST indicate in your motion that you conferred with opposing counsel and state opposing counsel's position. It is impossible for the Court to rule upon such motions if the Court does not have information pertaining to compliance with victim's rights, for example. If no meet and confer language is contained in the Motion it will likely either be denied or a hearing will be set.  
- Morning Calendar: Please check-in with the bailiff. The bailiff will call the cases when all counsel are present. Attorneys shall not call their own case(s). Please note that cases that require an interpreter will take priority.
Trial Practice and Protocol Trial Schedule • Please note that the Morning Calendar will end between 10:15 and 10:30. Any case not completed prior to that time will be continued. Please communicate with the bailiff if you will not be able to get to the courtroom prior to 10:15.  
Trial Practice and Procedure - The Court will give you wide latitude to try your case in the manner you deem appropriate. However, the Court does not permit speaking objections. Please only state you legal objection to a question. If more is required counsel will be permitted to approach the bench. Bickering between attorneys while the jury is present is not acceptable.  
- Kindly come to court prior to the commencement of trial early enough to afford yourself the opportunity to get situated and deal with any issues with witnesses, exhibits, etc. If there are matters that need to be addressed outside the presence of the jury, please come to court early so we may address them prior to the stated time the jury expects to begin trial.
Courtroom Etiquette • The Court will treat everyone that comes into the courtroom with dignity and respect. I expect the same from everyone who enters the courtroom.
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