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Court Approved Mailing Lists

The Court approved mailing list is the official list of persons recognized by the Superior Court or the Special Master as participating in a particular case. The list includes the litigants and persons participating as amici curiae ("friends of the court").

The approved list and updates will be mailed by the Clerk of the Superior Court or the Special Master to all persons appearing on the list. All persons participating in a contested case are required to mail a copy of any correspondence or pleading to all persons on the list. Service of pleadings must be accomplished by personal delivery or first-class mail properly addressed and stamped. All litigants are obligated to notify the Clerk of the Superior Court and the Special Master, in writing, of any change of address. Use the correct mailing list for the case in which you are participating.

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Gila River Adjudication, W-1, W-2, W-3, W-4 (Consolidated)

In re Subflow Technical Report, San Pedro River Watershed, W1-103
In re Subflow Technical Report Verde River Watershed, Case No. W1-106
In re Sands Group of Cases, No. W1-11-19
In re Proposed Gila River Indian Community Water Rights Settlement, No. W1-207
In re Bowers, Contested Case No. W1-11-3318
In re San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, No. W1-11-232
In re City of Tombstone, contested case no. W1-11-0473
In re Fort Huachuca, No. W1-11-605
In re PWR 107 Claims, No. W1-11-1174
In re Eli and Ila Fenn, Contested Case W1-11-1691
In re St. David Irrigation District Case, Contested Case No. W1-11-1675
In re Eldon J. & Shirley Barney, Contested Case No. W1-11-1898
In re Leland K. and Paula F. Barney, Contested Case No. W1-11-1910
In re Chester L. Brown Contested Case No. W1-11-1912
In re Magma Copper - De Minimis, Contested Case No. W1-11-2421
In re Magma Copper - Mining, Contested Case No. W1-11-2428
In re Magma Copper - Irrigation, Contested Case No. W1-11-2503
In re Redfield Canyon Wilderness Area, No. W1-11-2664
In re Redfield Canyon State Claims Contested Case No. W1-11-2665
In re Pima County Flood Control District, Contested Case No. W1-11-2690
In re Pima County Irrigation, Contested Case No. W1-11-2694
In re Bayless & Berkalew, Contested Case No. W1-11-2696
In re Asarco-Diversion, Contested Case No. W1-11-2798
In re Asarco- Irrigation, Contested Case No. W1-11-2801
In re SRP-Irrigation, Contested Case No. W1-11-3194
In re Luebbermann, Contested Case No. W1-11-3311
In re Barassi, Contested Case No. W1-11-3313
In re Iser, Contested Case No. W1-11-3314
In re Young, Contested Case No. W1-11-3315
In re Lester Young, Contested Case No. W1-11-3317
In re Bowers, Contested Case No. W1-11-3318
In re Lackner, Contested Case No. W1-11-3326
In re BLM-Nature Conservancy Leased Land, Contested Case No. W1-11-3329
In re Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area, No. W1-11-3342
In re Arizona Chapter of the Nature Conservancy-Salazar-Tapia Ditch, Contested Case No. W1-11-3377
In re Alex Pacheco and Christine Salazar Pacheco, Contested Case No. W1-11-3378
In re Miguel Miranda et al., Contested Case No. W1-11-3379
In re Sandra Fraser, Daniel and Cindy Tapia, and Norma Luepke, Contested Case No. W1-11-3380
In re Arizona Chapter of the Nature Conservancy-Argo Land, Contested Case No. W1-11-3382
Applications of the Salt River Project

Little Colorado River Adjudication, No. CV 6417

In re Proposed Zuni Indian Tribe Water Rights Settlement, No. CV 6417-200
In re Hopi Tribe Priority, No. CV 6417-201
In re Hopi Reservation HSR CV6417-203
In re Navajo Nation CV6417-300
In re Lower Little Colorado River Subwatershed CV6417-400