General stream adjudications are judicial proceedings to determine the extent and priority of all water rights in an entire river system. Arizona is undertaking a general stream adjudication of both the Gila River and the Little Colorado River systems. A river system means all water appropriable by law and all water subject to claims based upon federal law. Priority is important in Arizona where times of drought or water scarcity can occur.

Thousands of claimants and water users participate in these cases before the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County and in Apache County. The Superior Court will issue decrees determining the water rights in the Gila River and Little Colorado River Systems. State law, Indian, and federal non-Indian water rights will be adjudicated. The adjudications are conducted pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes sections 45-251 to 45-264.

Here you will find copies of orders of the Superior Court and of the Special Master, a review of recent court proceedings and events, a calendar of future proceedings and filing deadlines, the Rules for Proceedings Before the Special Master, the online Bulletin, and helpful information about general stream adjudications.

For additional information, contact the Special Master, Arizona General Stream Adjudication, Maricopa County Superior Court, 201 West Jefferson, Suite 3A, Phoenix, Arizona 85003-2205, telephone (602) 372-4115.

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