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Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Commissioner Virginia Richter << return to previous page
Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants Specific Requirements or Preferences • Be courteous, professional and on time. Check in with the courtroom bailiff.  
• When juggling multiple court appearances, please contact the division Judicial Assistant and provide an anticipated arrival time.
Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues Motion Practice • Before a plea is entered, make sure that a copy of the plea agreement has been provided to the Court clerk.  
• Provide a copy of the Include the position of the opposing party in any motion requesting an expedited ruling  
• Provide a courtesy hard copy to the division of any pleading e-filed within 48 hours of a proceeding or requesting an expedited ruling.  
• Requests for oral argument or an evidentiary hearing should be listed in the pleading caption. Contact the JA for scheduling.  
• Motions to Modify Release Conditions should be in writing and accompanied by the Attorney’s Statement, which will be provided to Pretrial Services. Contact the JA for scheduling. Submit requests for Simpson Hearings to Commisioner Starr’s division.  
• Stand when addressing the jury, witnesses and the Court.  
• Avoid speaking objections, especially in the presence of the jury.
Discovery or Disclosure Disputes and/or Sanctions • Confer with opposing counsel before bringing discovery issues to the Court’s attention, as the rules require.  
• Do not e-file pleadings requesting that a matter be sealed. Deliver the original to the division.  
• Sanctions will be issued if and when appropriate.
Trial Practice and Protocol Trial Schedule • Trials are scheduled between 1:30-5:00 pm, Monday-Thursday. Joint Pre-Trial Memo and/or Conference; Exhibits and Objections • Confer on exhibits in advance to prevent duplication.  
• Submit exhibits to the Court Clerk to be marked, before the start of trial.
Jury Selection • The struck method is used to select the jury.  
• Attorney voir dire is permitted, but voir dire questions should be exchanged, prior to the arrival of the jury panel, to avoid delay and objections.
Courtroom Etiquette • Stand when addressing the jury, witnesses and the Court.  
• Avoid speaking objections, especially in the presence of the jury.  
• Technology in the courtroom is limited. Make advance arrangements for any use of technology.  
• No food is allowed in the courtroom.  
• Make sure all electronic devices are silenced or turned off.
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