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Criminal Case Information Archive
Case Number Party / Business Name - Address
CR1987-009581 Minor Minor - DOB:4/16/1933
CR1989-007865 Minor Minor - DOB:7/2/1989
CR1991-007813 Minor Minor - DOB:2/17/1974
CR1995-004986 Minor Minor - DOB:3/9/1978
CR1995-005854 Minor Minor - DOB:3/17/1978
CR1995-008807 VALENZUELA AARON - DOB:9/23/1974
CR1994-092569 VALENZUELA ABRAHAM - DOB:6/18/1966
CR1993-002362 VALENZUELA ADRIAN - DOB:7/10/1968
CR1995-090024 VALENZUELA ADRIAN - DOB:3/5/1959
CR1995-008026 VALENZUELA AGUSTIN - DOB:5/8/1974
CR1992-005603 VALENZUELA ALEX - DOB:5/19/1974
CR1993-006548 VALENZUELA ALEX - DOB:5/19/1974
CR1993-091207 VALENZUELA ALFONZO - DOB:5/21/1974
CR1991-008789 VALENZUELA ALFRED - DOB:7/4/1973
CR1991-002997 VALENZUELA ALICE - DOB:6/24/1945
CR1988-011217 VALENZUELA ANDRES - DOB:3/4/1964
CR1991-010285 VALENZUELA ANDRES - DOB:7/3/1965
CR1991-090619 VALENZUELA ANDREW - DOB:4/29/1965
CR1990-009655 VALENZUELA ANGEL - DOB:3/1/1972
CR1994-005693 VALENZUELA ANGELO - DOB:4/1/1966
CR1988-006145 VALENZUELA ANITA - DOB:5/23/1964
CR1990-005763 VALENZUELA ANTHONY - DOB:10/1/1955
CR1991-009085 VALENZUELA ARNOLD - DOB:8/16/1963
CR1991-092394 VALENZUELA ARNOLD - DOB:12/26/1965
CR1991-092098 VALENZUELA BEATRICE - DOB:3/31/1961
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