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Criminal Case Information Archive
Case Number Party / Business Name - Address
CR1987-009571 Minor Minor - DOB:7/4/1953
CR1989-006663 Minor Minor - DOB:9/18/1989
CR1991-000671 Minor Minor - DOB:2/2/1974
CR1991-009876 Minor Minor - DOB:1/15/1976
CR1993-003289 Minor Minor - DOB:1/15/1976
CR1993-005247 Minor Minor - DOB:9/27/1976
CR1992-008855 PEREZ AGUSTIN - DOB:5/19/1954
CR1988-007773 PEREZ ALBERT - DOB:4/22/1970
CR1992-004956 PEREZ ALBERT - DOB:4/22/1970
CR1990-006087 PEREZ ALEX - DOB:2/27/1966
CR1989-005924 PEREZ ALFRED - DOB:4/23/1971
CR1991-006947 PEREZ ALFRED - DOB:4/23/1971
CR1989-005565 PEREZ ALFREDO - DOB:9/28/1958
CR1991-004465 PEREZ ALFREDO - DOB:9/9/1963
CR1989-002922 PEREZ ALICIA - DOB:5/16/1970
CR1991-005485 PEREZ AMADO - DOB:9/13/1960
CR1990-010079 PEREZ ANDRES - DOB:5/2/1966
CR1988-011327 PEREZ ANDREW - DOB:12/11/1969
CR1989-000166 PEREZ ANGEL - DOB:3/13/1966
CR1992-092817 PEREZ ANGEL - DOB:11/10/1972
CR1990-009836 PEREZ ANTHONY - DOB:1/19/1970
CR1992-091737 PEREZ ANTHONY - DOB:5/15/1970
CR1990-012844 PEREZ ANTONIO - DOB:11/21/1953
CR1993-000379 PEREZ ANTONIO - DOB:3/13/1974
CR1991-092994 PEREZ ARMANDO - DOB:5/26/1954
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