Below is a complete listing of primary court departments and subject matter with pages available on the Judicial Branch of Arizona web site.

Administrative Orders Administrative Orders for the Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County
Adult Probation Acting to enhance the safety and well being of our neighborhoods
Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Programs for case resolutions
Americans with Disabilities Act Complete online, or print, the ADA Accommodation Request Form
Attorney Calendar Access attorney calendar information (requires a password)
Find a Case View case histories, the court calendar or attorney calendars
Civil Department Dealing with legal conflicts among individuals, businesses and governmental entities
Court Calendars Court calendars for Family, Probate, Civil and Criminal Courts
Court Holidays Hours of operation and holidays that the courts are closed
Court Purchasing RFP documents, vendor information
Court Security Information on our Court Security
Criminal Department Dealing with criminal court cases
Department Phone List Phone numbers for all Court departments
ezCourtForms Online Interactive Forms
e-Courtroom Courtrooms offering state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology
Employment Opportunities Jobs within the Judicial Branch of Arizona, Maricopa County
Family Court Dealing with divorce and child custody issues
Find a Judge Biographies and contact information for judges, commissioners and hearing officers
General Stream Adjudication Information on Water Rights in Arizona
Judge Pro Tempore View Commissioners/Attorneys Pro Tem list, download Pro Tem application
Judicial Merit Commission A listing of Judicial Merit Commission meetings and agendas
Jury Services A complete source on jury duty, including online date rescheduling
Justice Courts Justice Court calendars, locations, forms, and fees
Juvenile Court Services for the development of children, community safety and the family unit
Juvenile Probation Information on the juvenile probation system
Law Library Searchable law library catalog, and an index of legal periodicals
Law Library Resource Center Downloadable legal forms, lawyer & mediator listings, and a glossary of terms
Locations Locations, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for court departments
Lower Court/Admin. Appeals Lower Court/Administrative Appeals Opinions
Media Relations Department Court rulings, news releases, high profile list, minute entries and more
Public Notices Public notice of events and administrative decisions made by Superior Court of Arizona
Probate/Mental Health Serving the elderly, minors, mentally ill and wards of the court
Regional Homeless Court Addresses legal needs of homeless individuals who are regaining self-sufficiency
Site Questions & Comments Your input regarding the use, navigation, or design of this site
Tax Court Information on the imposition, assessment or collection of a taxes in Arizona