Judge Pro Tempore

General Information

NOTE: This page is for attorneys. If you are a member of the general public, please refer to our listing of court phone numbers.

Judges Pro Tempore are volunteer, pro bono positions who serve in various Court Departments as needed. To be a Judge Pro Tempore, one must meet the following qualifications:

Superior Court Judge Pro Tempore Qualifications
  • Not less than 30 years of age
  • Of good moral character
  • Admitted to the practice of law in this state for not less than five years next preceding his/her appointment

Apply/Reapply for appointment as a Judge Pro Tem

For more information, please contact:
Judge Pro Tempore Program Coordinator
Phone: 602-372-2559
E-mail: JPTprogram@superiorcourt.maricopa.gov

For information on Judges Pro Tempore in Justice Courts, please contact:
Judge Pro Tempore Program Coordinator - Justice Courts
Phone: 602-506-5881
E-mail: Kim Daniels

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