Vol. 30, No. 1
January-April 2022

Welcome to the Arizona General Stream Adjudication Bulletin

The Office of the Special Master publishes the Bulletin three times a year to provide information about proceedings in the Gila River Adjudication and the Little Colorado River Adjudication.



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The Bulletin relies on links so the entire document is available to our readers. The Active Cases page provides copies of orders issued in the cases currently in process.

Gila River Adjudication

Verde River Watershed

Arizona Department of Water Resources has filed a Subflow Zone Delineation Report for the Verde River mainstem and Sycamore Canyon subwatershed to which objections have been filed. Discovery is currently underway with trial on the objections scheduled for August 17, 2023. Arizona Department of Water Resources will file a Subflow Zone Delineation Report for the reminder of the watershed on April 30, 2023. In advance of the hydrographic survey reports for the watershed, ADWR has undertaken the work on a technical report to gather the information about stockponds, stock watering, and domestic uses in the watershed so that a decision can be made about whether to adopt summary proceedings to adjudicate water rights for those types of beneficial uses.

Little Colorado River Watershed

Silver Creek Watershed is one of the five subwatersheds in the Little Colorado River watershed. In 1990, ADWR completed a final hydrographic survey report (HSR) containing approximately 2,190 watershed file reports to which thousands of objections were filed. Thereafter, 171 cases were initiated, many of which were consolidated into a series of nine larger cases for purposes of deciding common issues. Arizona Department of Water Resources also prepared a technical report about the impact of stockponds and stock watering that was the subject of an evidentiary hearing. Approximately a year ago, the process was undertaken to adopt an expedited procedure to summarily adjudicate those types of beneficial uses. Once a Final Report is issued, parties will have the opportunity to object, and a decision will be made about the procedures to adjudicate stockponds and stock watering uses.

Litigation is ongoing in the adjudication of water rights for the Hopi and Navajo Reservations. The Final Report of the Special Master in In re Hopi Reservation, CV 6417-203 has been issued. Objections are due November 21, 2022. Discovery is ongoing in the first phase of In re Navajo Nation, CV 6427-300.


Link here to the calendar of Active Cases.

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