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Topic: Arizona Rules of Evidence
Case Number Title Date
LC2015-000261 State v. Riojas 9/4/2015
LC2013-101354 State v. Werly 8/28/2015
LC2014-000184 State v. Mason 8/25/2015
LC2015-000248 State v. Hoebing 8/21/2015
LC2013-420382 State v. Lefkowitz 6/16/2015
LC2013-000232 State v. Williams 5/31/2013
LC2011-135197 State v. Hyde 5/20/2013
LC2012-000597 State v. Clay 5/17/2013
LC2012-000593 State v. Wynn 5/9/2013
LC2012-000502 State v. Shick 3/26/2013
LC2012-000634 State v. Bennett 3/19/2013
LC2012-000515 State v. Kelling 2/28/2013
LC2012-111593 State v. Johnson 2/26/2013
LC2012-000491 State v. McQuillen 2/11/2013
LC2012-000438 State v. McCullough-Purcell 1/28/2013
LC2012-000202 State v. Schimenti 8/7/2012
LC2012-000235 State v. Opuroku 7/18/2012
LC2012-000218 State v. Seaver 7/10/2012
LC2012-000059 State v. Vale 6/8/2012
LC2011-000788 State v. Cederstrom 5/7/2012
LC2010-000394 State v. Odishaw 5/7/2012
LC2011-000788 State v. Cederstrom 5/7/2012