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Additional (Independent) Blood Test
Arizona Revised Statutes
Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure
Arizona Rules of Evidence
Arizona Rules of Procedure in Civil Traffic and Civil Boating Violation Cases
Arrest by officer without warrant
Article 2, Section 10: Double Jeopardy
Blood, breath, urine or other bodily substance tests
Chain of custody
Challenging the constitutionality of a statute
Community Caretaker Function
Control of the vehicle
Equal Protection
Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
Is Business Owner Personally Liable for Alleged Criminal Violations by Business?
Jury Trial for Misdemeanor: Common Law Offense versus Statutory Offense
Probable cause to arrest
Prosecutor vouching for a witness
Reasonable Suspicion To Stop
Request for a jury trial
Right to a Speedy Trial
Right to Appeal
Right to Confrontation
Right to Counsel
Right to Remain Silent
Sufficiency of the Evidence
Warrantless search for regulatory purposes