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Topic: Sufficiency of the Evidence (Show all cases in topic)
Sub-Topic: § 28–1381: Driving under the influence
Case Number Title Date
LC2013-000126 State v. Watson 5/28/2013
LC2013-000141 State v. Chase 5/24/2013
LC2012-000597 State v. Clay 5/17/2013
LC2013-000116 State v. Suell 5/16/2013
LC2012-000638 State v. Deley 5/13/2013
LC2013-000085 State v. Nelson 5/10/2013
LC2012-000593 State v. Wynn 5/9/2013
LC2012-065385 State v. Tran 5/7/2013
LC2011-147501 State v. Wittekind 4/22/2013
LC2012-000573 State v. Shreeve 4/22/2013
LC2013-000071 State v. Bohlke 4/22/2013
LC2012-000569 State v. Rychlik 4/15/2013
LC2011-136556 State v. Hass 4/15/2013
LC2011-163114 State v. Julius 4/9/2013
LC2012-000634 State v. Bennett 3/29/2013
LC2011-130260 State v. Repullo 3/29/2013
LC2012-102557 State v. Alheim 3/21/2013
LC2011-163114 State v. Julius 3/19/2013
LC2011-100961 State v. Grillo 3/17/2013
LC2012-000542 State v. McKamey 2/28/2013
LC2012-000543 State v. Frazer 2/21/2013
LC2012-000490 State v. Johnson 2/14/2013
LC2012-000491 State v. McQuillen 2/11/2013
LC2012-000347 State v. Democker 2/8/2013
LC2012-000474 State v. Neal 2/8/2013
LC2012-000438 State v. McCullough-Purcell 1/28/2013
LC2012-000511 State v. Faison 1/15/2013
LC2012-000405 State v. Monfeli 1/11/2013
LC2011-000641 State v. Lillis 1/4/2013
LC2012-000406 State v. Donaldson 1/3/2013
LC2012-000235 State v. Opuroku 7/18/2012
LC2012-000218 State v. Seaver 7/10/2012
LC2012-000090 State v. Keim 7/3/2012
LC2012-000012 State v. Rolon 6/15/2012
LC2012-000030 State v. Hallas 6/8/2012
LC2011-000290 State v. Adanadus 6/4/2012
LC2011-000690 State v. Kotarski 5/22/2012
LC2011-000814 State v. Thomson 5/21/2012
LC2011-000793 State v. Cervantes 5/18/2012
LC2012-000002 State v. Kanter 5/18/2012
LC2011-000788 State v. Cederstrom 5/7/2012
LC2010-000394 State v. Odishaw 5/7/2012
LC2011-000770 State v. Peirce 5/2/2012
LC2011-000653 State v. Payne 4/27/2012
LC2012-000029 State v. Grewe 4/10/2012