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Topic: Reasonable Suspicion To Stop (Show all cases in topic)
Sub-Topic: § 28–701(A): Speed not reasonable and prudent
Case Number Title Date
LC2011-165609 State v. Dolinky 6/13/2013
LC2011-147501 State v. Wittekind 4/22/2013
LC2012-000515 State v. Kelling 2/28/2013
LC2012-000490 State v. Johnson 2/14/2013
LC2012-000491 State v. McQuillen 2/11/2013
LC2012-000474 State v. Neal 2/8/2013
LC2012-000438 State v. McCullough-Purcell 1/28/2013
LC2012-000244 State v. Vela 8/24/2012
LC2012-000012 State v. Rolon 6/15/2012
LC2011-000788 State v. Cederstrom 5/7/2012