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Topic: Additional (Independent) Blood Test
Case Number Title Date
LC2015-000311 State v. Brabec 9/10/2015
LC2013-000141 State v. Chase 5/24/2013
LC2012-065385 State v. Tran 5/7/2013
LC2012-102557 State v. Alheim 3/21/2013
LC2010-137767 State v. Blackaby 8/27/2012
LC2012-000012 State v. Rolon 6/15/2012
LC2010-000394 State v. Odishaw 5/7/2012
LC2012-000029 State v. Grewe 4/10/2012
LC2007-051411 State v. Freeman 3/3/2012