Index of Disclosed Documents

In re the Water Rights of the Gila River Indian Community
Contested Case No. W1-203
In re the Preclusive Effects of the Globe Equity No. 59 Decree on Specified Parties
Contested Case No. W1-206
Arizona Superior Court, Maricopa County

The following index contains a record for each document submitted during several rounds of disclosure required by court order in the above-captioned cases.

Documents submitted in Contested Case No. W1-203 start with record number 1.

Documents submitted in Contested Case No. W1-206 start with record number 200001.

This data base allows the user to find information in any of the fields or to use simple sort functions. The "Date for Sorting" field is the date of the document, and the field uses the format "18611203" which means "December 3, 1861." The documents may be viewed at the Arizona Department of Water Resources, 3550 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004.

Please contact the Office of the Special Master if you have questions or comments about the use of this index.

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