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§ 28–1381: Driving under the influence

Additional (Independent) Blood Test

Arizona Revised Statutes

Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure

Arizona Rules of Evidence

Arizona Rules of Procedure in Civil Traffic and Civil Boating Violation Cases

Arrest by officer without warrant

Article 2, Section 10: Double Jeopardy


Blood, breath, urine or other bodily substance tests

Chain of custody

Challenging the constitutionality of a statute

Change of venue

Community Caretaker Function

Control of the vehicle

Deportation as a Result of Conviction

Dog at large

DWI/DUI Conviction from another jurisdiction

Equal Protection

Impersonating a Peace Officer

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel



Jury Trial for Misdemeanor: Common Law Offense versus Statutory Offense

No proof of insurance

Notice of right to appeal

Outrageous Government Conduct

Probable cause to arrest

Prohibition on working a specific job as a condition of probation

Prosecutor vouching for a witness


Reasonable Suspicion To Stop

Request for a jury trial

Requirement for officers to advise of the right to bail and the bail amount

Retroactive Sentencing

Right to a Speedy Trial

Right to Appeal

Right to Confrontation

Right to Counsel

Right to Present Evidence

Right to Remain Silent


Serving Alcohol to Minors

Sign Permits

Sufficiency of the Evidence

Turning out of a private driveway

Warrantless search for regulatory purposes