Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Judge Randall Warner

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Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants

Specific Requirements or Preferences Welcome to Judge Warner's court. We are located at the Durango Juvenile Courthouse, Courtroom 5. Our address is 3131 West Durango Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85009.  
Michelle McBride is the Judicial Assistant and her email address is Our division phone number is 602.372.2966.

Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues

Motion Practice Motions, responses and related filings should comply with the Rules. Oral motions on disputed substantive matters are discouraged; unless there is an emergency, you will usually be directed to file a written motion.  
If a written motion notes a party's objection as required by Rule 46(A), or notes that one of the lawyers couldn't be reached, the motion generally will be held for a response. If a party objects but doesn't file a written response explaining why, the court likely will rule based on what's stated in the motion.  
If a motion is filed an there is an upcoming court hearing, the court will often hold the motion so it can be discussed at the hearing.
Other Pre-trial Practice Guidelines or Comments Morning calendar is a hectic time in Juvenile Court and scheduling is difficult. It is not uncommon in a morning to hear ten or more cases, each with multiple lawyers. Some delays are unavoidable, but please help prevent avoidable delays by being prompt to court. If you are in another courtroom, please communicate with court staff about that.

Trial Practice and Protocol

Trial Schedule Severance, dependency, and other trials are generally held in the afternoon beginning at 1:30 p.m.  
Monday afternoons are usually reserved for dependency trials. Due to the low trial rate for dependencies, the court generally sets three to four dependency trials at the same time.  
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons are generally reserved for severance trials. Tuesdays are the Division's PPH day, but various matters may be set for the afternoon.
Courtroom Etiquette Professionalism and decorum are expected at all court hearings. Please don't interrupt the court or other counsel.  
Speaking objections are not allowed. If an explanation of an objection is needed, the court will ask for it. If you believe a record needs to be made, please ask for the opportunity to make a record.
Other Courtroom Policies and Recommendations Do not email the judge directly regarding a case, even if you copy all counsel on the email. If you need to communicate with the division, please contact Michelle McBride at the above email address.