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Case Information
Case Number: CV2022-014827 Judge: Ryan, Timothy
File Date: 11/8/2022 Location: Downtown
Case Type: Civil  
Party Information
Party Name Relationship Sex Attorney
Republican National Commmitee   Plaintiff    Brett Johnson 
National Republican Senatorial Committee   Plaintiff    Brett Johnson 
Blake Masters For Senate   Plaintiff    Thomas Basile 
Kari Lake For Arizona   Plaintiff    Timothy Lasota 
Jill Norgaard   Plaintiff  Female  Pro Per 
Jack Sellers   Defendant  Male  Pro Per 
Thomas Galvin   Defendant  Male  Pro Per 
Bill Gates   Defendant  Male  Pro Per 
Clint Hickman   Defendant  Male  Pro Per 
Steve Gallardo   Defendant  Male  Pro Per 
MARK KELLY   Intervenor  Male  Daniel Arellano 
Case Documents
Filing Date Description Docket Date Filing Party
11/23/2022  RNM - Returned Mail  11/23/2022   
11/23/2022  RNM - Returned Mail  11/23/2022   
11/16/2022  042 - ME: Case Dismissed - Full  11/16/2022   
11/15/2022  NDI - Notice Of Dismissal  11/15/2022   
NOTE: Notice of Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice 
11/8/2022  COM - Complaint  11/8/2022   
11/8/2022  CSH - Coversheet  11/8/2022   
11/8/2022  CCN - Cert Arbitration - Not Subject  11/8/2022   
11/8/2022  MTI – Motion to Intervene  11/8/2022   
NOTE: Kelly for Senate's Motion to Intervene/ EFILE BILLING $333 
11/8/2022  RES - Response  11/8/2022   
NOTE: Proposed Intervenor's Opposition to Plaintiffs' TRO Motion 
11/8/2022  MOT - Motion  11/8/2022   
NOTE: Emergency Motion for Temporary Restraining Order or Preliminary Injunction 
11/8/2022  028 - ME: Status Conference Set  11/8/2022   
11/8/2022  ORD - Order  11/8/2022   
Case Calendar
Date Time Event
11/8/2022  18:30  Election Challenge 
11/16/2022  9:00  Status Conference 
There are no judgments on file