Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Commissioner Lindsey Coates

Trial Practice and Protocol

Trial Practice and Procedure

The following procedures are applicable to cases with hearings scheduled in Courtroom 1004 in the Central Court Building (Commissioner Coates):  
• Many hearings are held virtually. Please do not arrive for hearings in person or knowingly allow your clients to do so, even if you have moved for an in-person hearing and you do not yet know the Court’s decision.  
• If you become aware that you, an immediate in-home family member, a client, an immediate in-home family member of a client, or anyone who would normally appear for a case is ill with a fever or other significant symptoms, waivers of appearances will be granted, including for virtual hearings. Please give as much notice as possible in advance of the hearing by calling 602-372-2017 to address waiver before the hearing occurs. Please do not let any symptomatic or ill individuals transport or handle documents or other items that will be submitted physically in advance of virtual hearings.  
• These procedures will be revisited on an ongoing basis; please call 602-372-2017 with any questions.