Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Judge Todd Lang

Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues

Discovery or Disclosure Disputes and/or Sanctions

Discovery Disputes or Motions for Sanctions.  
In cases where both parties are represented by counsel:  
1. If a discovery dispute arises between the parties, the parties may contact the Court to request a telephone conference concerning the dispute. The Court will seek to resolve the dispute during the telephone conference, and may enter appropriate orders on the basis of the telephone conference. The Court may order written briefing if it does not resolve the dispute during the telephone conference.  
2. Parties shall not contact the Court concerning a discovery dispute or motion for sanctions without first seeking to resolve the matter through personal in-person consultation and sincere effort.  

Other Pre-trial Practice Guidelines or Comments

When requesting continuances of hearings and trials, please comply with Local Rule 2.14. Before filing your request, please contact the other side so that you can indicate whether the other side will stipulate or is opposed (as now required by ARFLP 34(c)). Failure to comply with the rule may result in the denial of the motion.

Trial Practice and Protocol

Trial Practice and Procedure

All Severance Trials are in person.  
Morning hearings are remote via "Teams". Other contested hearings and adoptions are presumed to be remote but parties may request an in-person hearing.  
Remote Hearings:  
Attorneys are expected to appear on camera for all hearings. The Court understands from time to time, attorneys may need to appear without video.  
Video appearances for contested hearings are required for all attorneys and non-party witnesses. Family members who are parties to the case are strongly encouraged to appear by video when possible. Although parents often just call in, the preference is for parents to use an app to appear by video if possible. Case managers should appear by video whenever possible.