Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Judge Margaret B. LaBianca

Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues

Motion Practice

Requests for Expedited or Quick Decisions on Motions  
Generally, the law does not allow the Court to make a decision on a motion without the other side having a chance to file a response with its view of the motion. Do not ask the Court to make an "expedited" ruling or to make a ruling before the time allowed under the rules for the other side to file a response without citing a law or rule that allows the Court to do so.  
Motions to Continue or Reschedule a Hearing or Other Court Event  
Rule 34(c) of the Rules of Family Law Procedure requires that before you file a motion to continue, you must consult with the other parties in the case and you must tell the Court in your motion whether the other parties object to rescheduling the Court event. The only exception is when there is an Order of Protection or a history of domestic violence between the parties.