Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Judge Lori Bustamante

Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants

Specific Requirements or Preferences

(1) Be prepared.  
(2) Be prompt.  
(3) Be polite.  

Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues

Motion Practice

• E-file all pleadings.  
• Provide a proposed order, when applicable, in WORD format. Do not use the heading "proposed" in your order. Do not use strikethrough format for the Orders - they should be in final format.  
• Please provide the position of all parties in your Motion if at all possible.  

Other Pre-trial Practice Guidelines or Comments

• If you are filing a Motion and requesting expedited consideration, please include that information in the heading of your Motion. In addition, communicate with the other side and place their position in your Motion.  
• If you need a continuance, contact the other party to see if you can file a Stipulation.  
• It is expected that the parties will participate in some form of alternative dispute resolution prior to the court scheduling trial.  

Trial Practice and Protocol

Trial Schedule

Each side will have 1/2 the time allotted for trial. If a trial is scheduled for 3 hours, we will take a short break approximately 1/2 way through the trial.

Joint Pre-Trial Memo and/or Conference; Exhibits and Objections

• Parties should submit their exhibits according to the instructions on the Clerk of Court website at  
• Confer regarding stipulating to exhibits prior to the trial.  
. Any objections to exhibits will be ruled upon at the time of trial when the exhibit is being offered.

Trial Practice and Procedure

• Please make sure every effort is made for parties and witnesses to appear via video during the hearing and not just by phone.  
• Make sure your device is on mute when you are not speaking.  
• If you have an objection, state the basic reason for the objection. For example: relevance, foundation, lack of disclosure, etc. Speaking objections are highly discouraged.

Courtroom Etiquette

• Try to be in a quiet place when appearing virtually and make sure your device is muted when you are not speaking.  
• Keep in mind that everything is being recorded including the time period between hearings.  
• Everyone is expected to be respectful and professional to staff members, parties, witnesses and opposing counsel.  

Other Courtroom Policies and Recommendations

• For the 15 minute hearings, please try to be as brief as possible when it is your turn to address the court so there will be enough time for everyone to have an opportunity to be heard.  
• The "FTR" audio recording system is used in every hearing.