Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Judge Randall Warner

Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants

Specific Requirements or Preferences

Welcome to Judge Warner's family court division. We are located in the Central Court Building. Our address is 201 West Jefferson Street, Suite 414, Phoenix, Arizona 85003. Our division phone number is 602.372.2966.  
Judge Warner typically conducts substantive court hearings in person and procedural conferences by video using Court Connect. Further instructions on Court Connect are below.  
Michelle McBride is the Judicial Assistant and her email address is  
Jenna Levine is the Courtroom Assistant and her email address is

Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues

Motion Practice

Judge Warner handles most motions through eFile, so lodging an electronic form of order is strongly encouraged.  
If a short extension of a response or reply time is granted, please email division staff. For longer extensions, or extensions that may affect court-ordered deadlines or hearings, please file a motion.

Discovery or Disclosure Disputes and/or Sanctions

Judge Warner has a strong preference for addressing family court discovery disputes informally in the manner prescribed by Rule 26(d) of the Rules of Civil Procedure. If all parties/counsel would like a discovery conference, they should jointly email Judge Warner's staff.

Other Pre-trial Practice Guidelines or Comments

Judge Warner is hearing many matters in-person, and others using the Court Connect video platform. For Court Connect, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the video hearing. If you have questions, contact court staff.  
For video hearings, counsel are strongly urged to appear by video. Court hearings work better when the court and counsel can see each other. And it goes without saying that you should dress as if you were coming to court, because you are.  

Trial Practice and Protocol

Trial Practice and Procedure

For most trials, the Court is using the CaseLines system for handling exhibits. Instead of submitting paper exhibits to the Clerk, counsel or parties upload exhibits digitally to the CaseLines portal. For more information on CaseLines, go to

Courtroom Etiquette

Video hearings can be awkward at first, but they work well once everyone becomes accustomed to their rhythm and etiquette.  
At the start of a hearing, please do not speak until you hear the Judge. Sometimes a hearing hasn't started yet, and you may hear nothing. And remember, just because you can't see or hear other people doesn't mean they can't see and hear you. Act accordingly.  
Once the hearing starts, please do not speak until the Judge calls on you, and do not speak over other participants. That makes it very difficult to be heard.  
If during a hearing you are not sure if you're being seen or heard, email Courtroom Assistant Jenna Levine, who monitors court hearings and is in communication with Judge Warner during them.

Other Courtroom Policies and Recommendations

Do not email the judge directly regarding a case, even if you copy all counsel on the email. If you need to communicate with the division, please contact staff at the above email addresses.