Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Judge Joseph Kreamer

Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants

Specific Requirements or Preferences

I now have a limited number of hearings as the Juvenile Presiding Judge, but there are some basic guidelines that I expect everyone in the courtroom to follow.  
First and foremost, I expect attorneys and litigants to treat everyone in the courtroom with respect. I pledge to do the same.  
Please be on time. I recognize that juvenile calendars pull attorneys in different directions. If you are going to be late, tell us and stay in touch regarding your ETA.  
Be prepared. I will prepare for every hearing. Attorneys, please meet with your clients ahead of time so you can properly represent their positions.

Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues

Other Pre-trial Practice Guidelines or Comments

If you have a motion or request that you would like to be addressed immediately, please send it directly to my judicial assistant Katy Snyder. If you want to schedule an oral argument, contact Katy for a date. Don’t assume that because you asked for oral argument, you will automatically get one.  
Please don’t ask me to resolve a discovery or some other dispute before you have made a reasonable attempt to resolve it with opposing counsel. The “personal consultation and good-faith efforts” requirements found in the rules should extend to every disagreement that you want me to resolve. In other words, communicate with each other and determine that you really do have a dispute and the parameters of that dispute before you raise it with me.  
Oral arguments in my courtroom are not the traditional five or ten minutes per side oral arguments. Instead, I try to make oral arguments meaningful by telling counsel my initial impression after reading the papers. I typically then give whichever party I disagree with the opportunity to tell me why I’m wrong.