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2-1-1 Arizona 2-1-1 Arizona offers listings of community based services for specific types of assistance which you or your children may desire. You can access these services online at or by calling their helpline (available 24 hours a day, every day) at 2-1-1 within Arizona or 1-877-211-8661 from anywhere in the United States.
You can access a specific service by clicking on the links to the Community Information and Referral site below.

2-1-1 Arizona
Child Support Enforcement
Divorce Counseling
Divorce Support Groups
Domestic Violence Services - Domestic Violence Hotlines
Domestic Violence Shelters
Family Counseling
Financial Services
Individual Counseling
Job Search
Job Training
Legal Assistance - General Legal Aid
Lawyer Referral Services
Marriage Counseling
Parenting Skills Class
Parenting Skills Counseling - Parenting Counseling
Youth Counseling
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