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Premarital Underage Couseling Persons under sixteen years of age cannot marry without the consent of the parent or guardian having Legal Decision Making of such person and the approval of the presiding family court judge. Prior to the issuance of a marriage license in Maricopa County, individuals under the age of 16 are required to attend pre-marital counseling. In circumstances where only one individual is under the age of 16, both parties must attend pre-marital counseling. The counselor makes recommendations to the Court regarding whether the underage minors should be allowed to marry. Final decision rests with the Family Court Presiding Judge

Prior to an appointment being set the requesting parties need to come to Conciliation Services to fill out the appropriate paperwork. The minor who is under 16 will need to bring a certified copy of their birth certificate. If one of the parties is over 16, they will need to bring a picture ID. Once the paperwork is completed, an appointment with a counselor will be scheduled. The parent or guardian of the minor child must also come to the appointment.

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