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Conciliation Services: Frequently Asked Questions What does Conciliation Services do? We provide services to help determine parenting plans, mediation for Legal Decision Making and parenting time disputes, parent education and underage marital counseling. What are the qualifications for professional staff? Clinical staff have at least a Master's degree or Doctorate in a mental health or related field and at least two years experience in counseling or social work. Are these services available anywhere else? Yes, throughout the county.

Counseling for parties contemplating divorce, mediation and Legal Decision Making evaluations are available in the community through mental health agencies, private counselors, private mediators, psychologists and psychiatrists, typically for a fee. For a list of mental health providers go to or call 602-263-8856 or 800-352-3792.
If I file for a Conciliation Counseling Conference does my spouse have to attend the appointments? Yes. It is required that each party attends the initial appointment. This services is not marriage counseling. It does not fulfill the martiage counseling requirement of a Covenant Marriage. This service helps spouses decide if they will pursue marriage counseling or reconcile. This is not therapy. How long before we get an appointment? The first appointment is usually within four weeks of filing the petition. If I decide later that I do not want counseling, how do I cancel the Petition? Contact Conciliation Services and request a Petition for Withdrawal. Once the Petition is completed and filed with Conciliation Services, the jurisdiction may be terminated.
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