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Serving the Other Party Service is required because it is the way that you give legal notice to the other party that you have filed court papers. "Service" means that you deliver the papers to the other party through a registered process server or by having the other party sign a document to accept service.

There are certain rules that you must follow to serve the other party with the divorce papers after you have filed the papers with the court. Make sure you read and follow all of the instructions.

Check: There are numerous documents that are required to be served on the other party:
  • "Family Court Cover Sheet"
  • "Summons"
  • "Preliminary Injunction"
  • "Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) With or Without Children"
  • "Notice of Right to Convert Health Insurance"
  • "Notice Regarding Creditors"
Once you have completed service, you will need to file proof of service with the Clerk of the Court.
Proof of service shows that you have given a copy of the divorce petition to the other party.
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