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Parenting Conference: Frequently Asked Questions What is a Parenting Conference Provider? The Parenting Conference Provider is a contracted expert that is not an employee of the Court. The Provider serves the Court in this case; therefore, neither the parties nor their child(ren) are patients of the Provider. There is no confidentiality relating to the parties' communications with or to the Provider or concerning the Provider's activities or proposed considerations. How will I be contacted regarding the Parenting Conference? The Provider will make the initial contact with the counsel for both parties, or parties, if self-represented, within 10 days of notification of appointment as a Provider and thereafter will arrange for the appointment(s) with the parties for the parenting conference (and interviews of minor child(ren) if necessary). Do I need to bring children to the first appointment? No unless you are notified by an Order to Appear the the children have appointments, do not bring the children. At what age are children interviewed? Young children may be interviewed depending on their verbal skills. Typically children under five are not interviewed; however, the evaluator may observe young children interacting with the parents in a playroom. What if I am afraid to be interviewed with the other parent? Notify the assigned Provider if you fear for your safety or are afraid to be interviewed with the other parent. If you can, call before your appointment and let the Provider know as soon as you arrive for your appointment. You may be interviewed individually to determine how best to proceed under the circumstances. Can we reach agreements in a Parenting Conference? Yes, you can reach agreements before or during a Parenting Conference. In most cases where an agreement is reached the Provider will create a written Parenting Plan for both parties to sign prior to submitting to the court. When do I get a written report? Typically, a written report is provided to the Judge, the parties and attorneys within 60 days of the referral. How do I reset my conference? All scheduling and rescheduling matters must be addressed by the assigned Provider. Keep in mind, only the assigned Judge can vacate a Parenting Conference.
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