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General Information
Provider's Name: Thomas  Brunner
Primary Address: 6614 E. Carondelet Drive
Tucson,    85710
Phone: (520) 314-4772
Fax: (520) 885-3922
Email: Solutions@Doctorbrunner.Com
Office Hours: 9:00-5:00
Language Services Offered:   English, Spanish, German
Services Offered
ServiceFee RetainerYears of Experience# of cases handled
Comprehensive Family Evaluation$225.00Hourly Rate4000.000010 years7
Parenting Conference$250.00Hourly Rate0.000010 years5
Independent Psychological Exam$225.00Hourly Rate2500.000015 years15
Forensic Home Study$225.00Hourly Rate0.00005 years5
Focused Assessment$225.00Hourly Rate2500.000015 years15
Therapeutic Intervention$225.00Hourly Rate0.000015 years50
Degree AwardedYear ReceivedInstitution
PhD/MA2004University of South Florida
Masters Degree1996University of Chicago
Licensure or Certification
Licensing / Certification AgencyType of LicenseLicensure or Certification NumberYear Issued
Arizona Board of PsychologyPsychologist37172005