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General Information
Provider's Name: Ronn  Lavit
Primary Address: 1130 East Missouri Avenue Suite 570
Phoenix,    85014
Phone: (602) 266-5823
Fax: (602) 266-0521
Email: Dr.Ronnlavit@Gmail.Com
Office Hours: 9:30AM to 5:00PM
Language Services Offered:   English,
Services Offered
ServiceFee RetainerYears of Experience# of cases handled
Comprehensive Family Evaluation$300.00Hourly Rate0.000040 years35
Parenting Coordinator$300.00Hourly Rate0.000040 years35
Therapeutic Intervention$300.00Hourly Rate0.000040 years10
Focused Assessment$300.00Hourly Rate0.000040 years15
Independent Psychological Exam$300.00Hourly Rate0.000040 years20
Degree AwardedYear ReceivedInstitution
Doctorial1970Oklahoma State Univeristy
Master of Arts1966Hofster New York
Additional Training
Additional TrainingYear ReceivedInstitution
Lifetime Achievement Award Family Conciliation Cou2012Family Conciliation Courts
Licensure or Certification
Licensing / Certification AgencyType of LicenseLicensure or Certification NumberYear Issued
Board of Psychologist ExaminersPsychologist1911970