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Justice is a concept, not a process. It is an end, not the means. What is Alternative Dispute Resolution? Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an umbrella term for a full range of dispute resolution methods, both private and court-connected, designed to help parties resolve their conflicts. In the courts of Maricopa County, ADR supports a wide range of alternative programs to assist parties in settling pending court disputes without resorting to trial. Court-connected ADR programs are offered in many Superior Court Divisions, such as the Civil, Family and Probate Divisions. The Arizona Supreme Court amended Civil Rule 16(g) regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure) Under the newly amended Rule 16(g), parties to Civil disputes have a duty to consider ADR, confer with one another about using an ADR process, and report the outcome of their conference to the court. For the complete version of ARCP Rule 16(g) click here: ARCP Rule 16(g).
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