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Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Judge Howard Sukenic << return to previous page
Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants Specific Requirements or Preferences Attorneys and parties are expected to be punctual, prepared and courteous to each other and the Court. As things may get lost in transition, a copy of any pleadings or motions filed shall also be delivered to this division, either personally or through the mail. If you believe that the Court has not taken timely action on a pending matter, you may communicate this to court staff who will look into the matter. All motions to continue must be in writing and must state the position of the other party. All perfunctory motions and stipulations shall have a form of order attached. Please pay attention to deadlines as they will be strictly enforced.
Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues Discovery or Disclosure Disputes and/or Sanctions Please pay attention to the Orders of the Court. Reasonable explanations will be accepted as to why Orders could not or were not followed. Absent reasonable explanation, the Court will consider sanctions. The Court is willing to resolve discovery disputes informally in order to preserve the resources of the parties.
Trial Practice and Protocol Courtroom Etiquette When making objections, please refer to the specific evidentiary or procedural rule without argument. If you intend to argue rules, case-law or refer to statutes please be accurate and prepared to direct the court appropriately. Please have your witnesses prepared and familiar with the exhibits. Other Courtroom Policies and Recommendations Please note that if you make a promise to the Court, the promise will be expected to be kept. Absent reasonable explanation, sanctions will be considered.
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