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ATTENTION: You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:
  • There is an existing Juvenile Dependency case (case number beginning "JD") in which a permanent (non-temporary) guardian has already been appointed by the Court.
  • The current court-appointed guardian is unable, unwilling, or should not be permitted to continue to serve as guardian,
  • You want to ask the Court to appoint a replacement (successor) for the current guardian, AND,
  • You believe that there is no parent or guardian willing or able to provide proper care and control over the child or children to be included in this motion, AND
  • You believe that you or the person you have named to be successor guardian are a fit and proper person to care for the children.
  1. If you are the mother or father of the children, you may not use this packet to dismiss a existing Dependency case or to establish or change a Legal Decision Making (Custody) order.
  2. Child Protective Services, CPS, will be involved. Dependency is an emergency action for the safety of the children involved. CPS will investigate and make recommendations to the Court. If CPS does not feel the person petitioning for Dependency can provide a proper home for the children involved, this petition could possibly result in the children being placed in foster care.
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Motion to Appoint a Successor (replacement) Guardian in
a Juvenile Dependency
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