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TO REQUEST YOUR ADDRESS BE PROTECTED (not displayed as public record)
ATTENTION: You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:
  • You want to request the Court to order that your address be protected from public disclosure, including disclosure to the opposing party(ies) in this case.
  • You reasonably believe that physical or emotional harm may result to you or your minor child(ren) if your address is not protected from disclosure, for the following reasons:
    • You have a valid Order of Protection in place, OR,
    • You can explain to the Court why you need your address protected.
This packet contains information on how to request your address be "protected" (not made part of the public record) in a Family Court Case. Be sure the documents are in the following order:
Title File English Spanish
Request for Protected Address DRRPA1 PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Instructions for filling out Request for Protected Address drrpa10i PDF  |  Word PDF  |  Word
2 Procedures: What to do with Form after it's Filled Out drrpa10p PDF  |  Word PDF  |  Word
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Request for Protected Address drrpa10f PDF  |  Word PDF  |  Word

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