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ATTENTION: You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:
  • A petition/complaint and a response/answer were filed with the court in this case, AND,
  • You want the Court to set a date and time for your trial, AND,
  • IF this is a Family Court case, at least one party is represented by an attorney.
  • IF THERE ARE NO ATTORNEYS REPRESENTING ANY PARTY IN THE CASE the Court will notify you of a hearing date and time and you will not need this packet.
This page contains court forms and instructions on how to set your civil, divorce, paternity, establishment of Legal Decision Making (Custody), or establishment of parenting time "parenting time" case for trial.

Packets contain ALL forms and ALL instructions needed for this process. Where there are separate packets for Instructions and Forms, get BOTH packets.

Title File English Spanish
Motion to Set - Instructions & Forms GNT5 PDF PDF

The individual forms and instructions below are already included in the Packet(s) above. If you choose to download the documents individually, make sure you get ALL of the instructions and ALL of the forms. Be sure the documents are in the following order:

Order Title File English Spanish
1 How to Fill Out the Motion to Set and Certificate of Readiness gnt52i PDF PDF
2 What to Do With the Completed Motion to Set and Certificate of Readiness gnt52p PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Motion to Set and Certificate of Readiness gnt52f PDF PDF
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