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Protective Order Center - Emergency Orders of Protection What is Family Drug Court? Family Drug Court is a program designed to assist parents with substance abuse/dependence issues and monitor their progress towards recovery and restoration of custody and parenting time privileges.

The Goal of the Family Drug Court is to ensure that parents develop the ability and skills needed to successfully and appropriately function as a parent substance free.

The focus of the Family Drug Court is the welfare and best interest of children caught in the turmoil of a divorce or custody dispute between parents who are using or abusing illegal substances.
How does the Family Drug Court Work? The Family Drug Court is an intensive program of significant duration. The requirements of the program involve frequent drug testing, counseling services, parenting classes, rigorous monitoring, frequent court appearances, and supportive group dynamics.

The program contains three phases, each lasting approximately three months. The intensity of services and actual time commitment decreases as parents make progress through each phase.

The Family Drug Court Judge reports each individual's progress directly to the Family Court Judge presiding over each case.
Who benefits from the Family Drug Court Program? Children benefit by having both of their natural parents appropriately involved in their lives.

Parents benefit by achieving recovery from substance abuse, learning to communicate with each other and place their children's best interest before any emotional desires.

The family Court Judges benefit by having a program with regular progress reports to assist them in making difficult decisions in cases involving children.
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