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Probate Department


The Probate Case Processing Department is comprised of the following staff:
  • Calendar Clerks operate as the customer service arm of the department, assist the public with court-related information in person and by telephone, set Probate Court hearing dates, and operate the department's general information line.
  • Judicial Clerks assist in the processing of minute entries and public inquiries.

General Probate Information: (602) 506-3668
Hearing Scheduling: (602) 506-5510 or (602) 506-3072

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Probate Examiners review filed documents to ensure compliance with statutory reporting requirements and court orders. They additionally review all matters including decedent's estates, trusts, conservatorships and guardianships.


The Probate Accountants perform initial and supplemental reviews of annual accountings in conservatorships, decedents' estates, and trust administration to ensure compliance with the statutory reporting requirements, probate rules of practice and court orders.

All annual accountings are submitted to the Probate Accountants to review prior to being set for hearing before the assigned judicial officer. The Probate Accountants prepare a report and recommendation regarding whether or not the accounting is sufficient as submitted, or whether the conservator should provide additional information.

General Accounting Information Line: 602-506-5993


The Probate Court Investigations Department is responsible for conducting investigations into adult guardianships and conservatorships, adult adoptions, and some minor guardianships and conservatorships.

When a guardian and/or conservator fails to notice the court when a ward's location and/or contact information has changed, Probate Court Investigations will first attempt to locate the "missing" ward and guardian/conservator. Probate Court Investigators also look into cases when someone notifies the court that possible neglect, physical abuse or misuse of funds is suspected in a case.

Probate Court Investigators are considered the "eyes and ears of the court." While remaining completely neutral on issues involving a case, investigators recommend the best actions for the Court to take in each individual case. It is the job of the investigator to examine the situations involved in a case and report, in writing, the findings to the Court.

Contact Information: Probate Court Investigators - 602-506-3669
Probate Investigators Monitor Report Line - 602-506-6730
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