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Comprehensive Mental Health Frequently Asked Questions What is a Pro Per? A Pro Per is a person who represents themselves in a court of law. What is a Court Appointed Attorney? The Court Appointed Attorney is an attorney that is appointed by the court to represent the incapacitated person's wishes during the Guardianship/Conservatorship proceedings. Does everyone need a Court Appointed Attorney? Every incapacitated person needs to have an attorney to represent them. If the incapacitated person has an attorney that they have been using for legal matters, the incapacitated person can have that attorney appointed as their Court Appointed Attorney.

If the incapacitated person does not have an attorney, an attorney needs to be appointed.
How does the Court Appointed Attorney become appointed? The petitioner (if Pro Per) or the petitioner's attorney is responsible for contacting the Office of Court Appointed Counsel and having the attorney appointed. The phone number for the Office of Court Appointed Counsel is 602-506-7437. How do I find out more information about the Comprehensive Mental Health Court and how it collaborates with other service provider? Refers to GAINS for an overview of the CMHC. How can I find out about the behavioral health provider in the State of Arizona and what they can provide for me or a family member? Arizona Department of Behavioral Health. Where do I get information about involuntary evaluations for treatment? RCC 9.
Emergent vs. non-emergent petitions.
How can I find out if a defendant is in custody or not? Maricopa County Sheriff's Office MCSO - TECHNO COPS.
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