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Probate Court Accountants
  • Filing fee is $300
  • Accountings can be filed at the Probate Registrar, first floor, 125 W. Washington. Include information about satellite courts as well. File original and leave a copy for the court accountant
  • Accountings should be prepared for a 12 month period, with no overlapping days. For example 1/1/06 to 12/31/06
  • For the proper accounting period for FIRST accountings, reference the appointing Minute Entry. The judge or commissioner will tell the petitioner the accounting period and due date
  • Accountings are due 90 days from the close of the accounting period. If the petitioner cannot complete the accounting by that day, a motion, requesting an extension, should be filed. The motion should explain briefly why the accounting is late. An order for the judge or commissioner should be provided.
  • If no motion is presented, the parties will receive a minute entry to remind them to file. Failure to respond to the minute entry will result in an Order to Show Cause hearing in which you will need to appear in court and explain why the accounting was not filed
  • The initial review will take a minimum of thirty days from the filing date shown on the conformed copy
  • Failure to respond to the Court Accountant's Initial Review will result in an Order to Show Cause hearing
  • In most matters, the court accountant will set a hearing date for the approval of the accounting, which is non appearance
  • Per Admin Order 2005-92, copies of investment/bank statements that verify the stated Ending Balance at the close of the accounting and a Proposed Form of Order for Approval of the accounting needs to be attached to the accounting for the court accountants only. The statements are confidential and shredded 30 days after the hearing date
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