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Guardian Review Program Guardian Review Program volunteers work as Court Visitors. They help to monitor the guardianship services provided to wards of the Superior Court, in order to ensure quality care, and to guarantee compliance by fiduciaries with statutes and court orders.

Objectives of the program include reducing the potential for the abuse of vulnerable elderly and disabled wards, educating fiduciaries about their responsibilities as guardians and conservators, and increasing the community's awareness of the guardianship system and the problems faced by incapacitated persons.

The Guardian Review Program is unique in two ways: most courts do not have any method of yearly monitoring, and those which do rely entirely upon employees for this function. The Guardian Review Program was one of the first pilot programs nationally to utilize volunteers for yearly guardianship monitoring.

How it Works Every year the Probate Division of the Court appoints guardians and conservators for persons who, due to serious physical or mental disabilities, need help in making decisions about their daily lives. While most guardians and conservators undertake their duties conscientiously, in some cases they do not live up to the court's expectations and fail to arrange for the care these people need or fail to administer their funds responsibly. Until the establishment of this cooperative program, there was no consistent way to determine if the guardian or conservator was providing good care or if the guardianship was still necessary.

The Maricopa County Superior Court wants to be sure that every person under a guardianship/ conservatorship receives good care. That's where you may be able to help. The court needs concerned volunteers who can give about 12 hours per month to be Court Visitors.

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