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Yearly Accounting by Conservator The Conservator must file for approval of accounting with the court EVERY YEAR on or before the anniversary date of appointment as Conservator, if any of the funds or assets are not restricted. If the Conservator is also the Guardian, then the Guardian/ Conservator must also submit the annual report of Guardian at the same time. The petition for approval of the annual accounting must include $175.00 to pay for review by the Court Accountant.

The first accounting must show everything the person owned at the time the Conservator was appointed. Each year after that, an accounting must be filed and approved by the court as to all financial transactions that occurred, whether it is money added to the account, or money spent from the account. The yearly accounting must show the balance on hand at the end of the accounting period, along with an itemization of the money and property that remains in the estate. Yearly accountings should begin where the previous year accounting ended.

When a minor reaches age 18, or when the person whose money is protected dies, the conservator needs a final order from the court approving the final accounting and discharging the conservator from further obligation to the court.

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