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Court Fees and Costs: Deferrals and Waivers By Arizona law the court is required to charge fees to file many types of papers related to family court cases, probate cases, and civil cases. Visit the Clerk of the Superior Court web site for a list of filing fees.

In some situations, the court may allow you to file the papers and pay the fee later-- this is called a "deferral". In other situations, the court may allow you to file the papers without paying the fee at all-- this is called a "waiver".

To get a deferral or waiver of fees, you must file an Application and sign it under oath telling the court why you cannot pay the court fees or costs.

You must come to the court in person to the filing counter to file the papers each time you file a new document that requires a fee or if you want a service for which a fee is charged. But, if you live outside of Maricopa County, are in jail or prison, or you cannot come in person because of a physical or other disability, you can file a paper along with the fee deferral application stating under oath why you cannot come in person.

You can get the paperwork to ask the court to waive or defer fees and costs at the Law Library Resource Center, or at the filing counter.

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