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Warning Signs of Domestic Violence The following are warning signs that could indicate that you are a victim of domestic violence. Where we use the word "partner," we mean spouse, lover, or whoever applies in your situation.

You may be a victim of domestic violence or be in danger of becoming a victim if:
  • you are expected to spend all of your fun time with your partner and must tell that person where you are at all times; or
  • you are frightened of your partner's temper; or
  • you go along with the desires and actions of your partner because you are afraid, or you do not want to upset your partner to hurt your partner's feelings; or
  • you are verbally put down by your partner; or
  • you want to "rescue" your partner when he/she is in trouble; or
  • you apologize for your partner's behavior when you are treated badly; or
  • you believe you deserve bad treatment from your partner; or
  • you have been hit, kicked, shoved or had things thrown at you by your partner when they were jealous or angry.
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