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Opposing an Order of Protection This is the information about court forms to be filed if you oppose an Order of Protection. You should follow these procedures if there is a current Order of Protection against you, and you think it is wrong.

The person requesting an Order of Protection is the Plaintiff; the person opposing it is the Defendant.

If you disagree with the Order of ProtectionYou are entitled to a court hearing to oppose an Order of Protection. You must file a Request for Hearing form. This form is available, free of charge, at the Law Library Resource Center and at the court where the case was filed for a small fee. After you complete the form, you must mail a copy to the plaintiff. The Court will schedule a hearing and must hold the hearing within ten days from the date the Order was issued, or within five days if the Order of Protection removes the defendant from his or her residence. At the hearing, the judge will listen to testimony from both sides, consider all the evidence, and decide whether to continue, stop or change the Order of Protection.

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