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  • You want to file court papers to have a guardian or conservator appointed, OR
  • You want to file court papers to get court approval of a yearly or final accounting, OR
  • You want to file court papers to transfer property of a person who died, AND
  • You or the estate do not have the money to pay the court fees to file or for the investigator or for the accountant.
  • You understand that effective February 1, 2009, if your request for deferral is granted, a charge of $27 will be added to your deferred fees.
This packet contains court forms and instructions to request a deferral of court fees and costs in a probate case. Be sure the documents are in the following order:

Packets contain ALL forms and ALL instructions needed for this process. Where there are separate packets for Instructions and Forms, get BOTH packets.

Title File English Spanish
For Help With Court Fees and Costs in Probate Case PBW1 PDF PDF

The individual forms and instructions below are already included in the Packet(s) above. If you choose to download the documents individually, make sure you get ALL of the instructions and ALL of the forms. Be sure the documents are in the following order:

Order Title File English Spanish
1 Deferred Fee Application Information Sheet gnf10f PDF PDF
2 Application for Deferral of Court Fees and Costs pbw11f PDF PDF
3 Order Deferring/Waiving Court Fees and Costs pbw18f PDF PDF
4 Affidavit in Support of Application for Deferral or Waiver of Service of Process Costs pbw21f PDF PDF
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