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  • You or the other party filed a petition for divorce, legal separation, or a petition to establish Legal Decision Making (Custody) or parenting time, AND,
  • Someone is about to cause serious bodily harm to another person immediately, or the health, safety, and welfare of a person is otherwise in serious and immediate jeopardy, AND,
  • You can give very specific facts about what the emergency is, and why the judge needs to take your case before everyone else who has been waiting for the judge, AND,
  • You are prepared to post a bond to pay for any costs this court action causes, if it turns out that what you said is not true, or the judge does not agree with you.

WARNING: If your "Motion for Temporary Orders Without Notice" is turned down at one Superior Court location, you may not use these forms to re-file your request at another location.

This packet contains court forms and instructions about filing for a Temporary Order Without Notice emergency temporary orders. Be sure the documents are in the following order:
Title File English Spanish
Motion and Papers for Temporary Orders Without Notice drte1 PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Instructions for filing Temporary Order Without Notice drte11i PDF PDF
2 Procedures for filing Temporary Order Without Notice drte11p PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Motion for Temporary Order Without Notice drte11f PDF PDF
2 Temporary Order Without Notice drte82f PDF PDF
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