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  • You are 18 years old or older, AND,
  • You want a court order that establishes that the Respondent is your natural father, AND
  • Paternity has not already been legally established, AND
  • The person filing resides in Arizona.

    DO NOT USE THE FORMS and instructions in this packet if the following factor applies to your situation:

  • The child who is the subject of this Petition is a minor (Less than 18 years of age).
  • You are not the adult child seeking to establish paternity.
  • Someone other than the person named as the father in this case is already listed as the father on the birth certificate for the adult child for whom you are asking for a court order in this case.
  • Paternity has already been legally established by other means* for the adult child for whom you are seeking a court order in this matter.*
  • * For children born after July 1996: If the father’s name appears on the birth certificate as a result of the parents having signed an Affidavit of Paternity in the hospital at time of birth or afterwards, paternity has already been established for that child and you do not need to establish paternity through the court. A.R.S. § 25-812 (C).
  • If a father is listed on the birth certificate or paternity has otherwise already been legally established for the adult child for whom you want a court order, see an attorney for advice for your situation.
This packet contains general information and/or court forms and instructions to file petition to establish a court order for paternity, and also get an order of Legal Decision Making (Custody), parenting time and support. Be sure the documents are in the following order:
Title File English Spanish
To Establish Paternity of an Adult Child drpa1 PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Instructions: How to Complete the Petition and other court papers drpa11i PDF PDF
2 Procedures: What to do After Completing the Forms drpa10p PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Family Court Sensitive Data Cover Sheet drsds10fC PDF PDF
2 Summons dr11f PDF PDF
3 Petition to Establish Paternity of an Adult Child drpa11f PDF PDF
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