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  • You have an "Income Withholding Order" that was entered in Maricopa County, AND
  • You wish to modify the order, AND
  • All parties agree to modify the Income Withholding Order, AND
  • You have notarized signatures of all parties on the agreement (as well as the signature of the IV-D agency representative if any party is using the child support collection services of the state).
  • At least one of the following conditions applies to you:
You want to "modify the Income Withholding Order" because:
  • The amount shown in the "Income Withholding Order" is wrong or was changed by court order;
  • You have paid up all amounts you owed for past-due support and/or spousal maintenance (alimony), and only have to pay current child support and/or spousal maintenance, which will make your monthly payments go down;
  • You still owe money for past due child support or spousal maintenance, but the current payments for maintenance or support should stop because the child named on the order has turned 18 and is out of school or one of the other conditions for ending payments listed in the child support order or permitted by law has occurred - so you should pay less;
  • The "Child Support Order" is based on an amount per child, per month, and one or more of the children have married, died, reached age 18, or other condition for ending child support listed on the child support order or permitted by law has been met, so you should pay less. (Note: If the support order does not state a separate amount PER CHILD, you may need to change the Child Support Order - not the Income Withholding Order).
Do NOT use the forms and instructions in this packet if the following factors apply to you:
  • You want to lower the amount of the assignment because your income is now lower (You must file a request or agreement to change / modify the Child Support Order)!
  • You want to stop the Income Withholding Order completely (If so, you must file forms to STOP (not modify) the Income Withholding Order;
  • The parties do not agree to Modify the Income Withholding Order;
  • The other party will not sign the agreement (in front of a notary or court clerk).
READ ME: Filing documents with the Court may lead to serious and sometimes unintended results. Consult an attorney to help guard against undesired and unexpected consequences. The Law Library Resource Center has a list of lawyers who can give you legal advice and who can help you on a task-by-task basis for a fee, and a list of court-approved mediators as well.
This packet contains court forms and instructions about stopping or changing (modifying) Income Withholding Order when both parties AGREE. Be sure the documents are in the following order:

Packets contain ALL forms and ALL instructions needed for this process. Where there are separate packets for Instructions and Forms, get BOTH packets.

Title File English Spanish
Request to Change Income Withholding Order When Parties Agree DRMWA7 PDF PDF

The individual forms and instructions below are already included in the Packet(s) above. If you choose to download the documents individually, make sure you get ALL of the instructions and ALL of the forms. Be sure the documents are in the following order:

Order Title File English Spanish
1 How to Fill Out Forms to Change an Income Withholding Order by Agreement drmwa11i PDF PDF
2 What to do After Completing All Forms drmwa11p PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Agreement to Modify Income Withholding Order drmwa11f PDF PDF
2 Current Employer Info Sheet drs88f PDF PDF
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