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  • You have one or more orders from another state regarding family support (child support or spousal maintenance) or income withholding order for payment of family support or both, AND,
  • You want to register the order so that you may now or later ask the Arizona court to enforce or modify the order or declare which of several orders is the controlling order and register that order, AND,
  • All parties have moved from the state where the order was issued or the party remaining in the originating state filed a consent to transfer in the court where the order was issued, AND,
  • You understand that the court is required to serve notice of your request to the other parties in the case, AND ,
  • You understand that the other parties have a right to request a hearing to object to registering the order in Arizona, disagree as to which order is controlling, or disagree about the amount claimed overdue for child support or spousal maintenance/alimony (arrearages),
  • You understand that the forms in this packet only apply to registering family support orders, AND,
  • You understand that separate forms are required if you want to ask an Arizona Court to enforce or modify the orders.
This packet contains court forms and instructions to request registration of a foreign (out of state) family support order:
Title File English Spanish
Register a Foreign (Out-of-State) Family Support Order - Instructions and Forms drfos1 PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 How to Complete All Forms drfos10i PDF PDF
2 What to Do after You Have Completed All Forms drfos10p PDF PDF
Order Title File English Spanish
1 Family Court Sensitive Data Sheet drsds10f-c PDF PDF
2 Request to Register Foreign (Out-of-State) Support Order drfos11f PDF PDF
3 Affidavit to Register a Foreign Family Support Order drfos12f PDF PDF
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